Smart or Standard Shopping Campaigns By SEO Agency in Utah

Shopping is always fun for customers and profitable for businesses. But what makes it so profitable? How consumers are attracted towards buying various products?

The answer is by shopping ads; which are uniquely created and designed by expert SEO or PPC professionals. In this advanced world, online shopping has improved a lot and gained immense popularity. People, nowadays, prefer e-commerce websites rather than going to the market. This trend of shopping also assists retailers to drive more sales and revenue. 

An SEO agency in Utah is well-aware of this fact; therefore, is making huge steps in improving the shopping experience of the consumer and helping businesses by advertising their products. Advertising campaigns are recognized as powerful, fast, and comprehensive ways to boost lead generation.

There are 2 kinds of shopping ads- standard shopping ads and smart shopping ads. Let us discuss the above two in detail.


  1. Standard shopping ads-

These ads are great to reach a larger audience. These enable customers to compare different products from different sellers with information such as prices, product names, shop names, etc. With this, consumers gain enough knowledge regarding the product before they click on the ad. Thus, you get better-qualified leads.


  1. Smart shopping ads-

Results of smart shopping ads are the same as standard shopping ads but these simplify your campaigns and assist in lead conversion. The value of your ad is maximized using ad placements and automated bidding. 

In addition to this, smart shopping campaigns feature both product shopping ads as well as display ads, thus are eligible to appear on the Google Search Network, Gmail, and YouTube. 

Differentiating smart shopping and standard shopping campaigns

The difference between the two is pretty well explained by the experts of the SEO services agency in Utah. Have a look below:


  • If we talk about standard shopping, these are more time-consuming as compared to smart shopping which is highly automated and requires little maintenance.
  • Standard shopping campaigns may have negative keywords but this is not the case with smart shopping. Thus, you can save your budget for relevant leads.
  • Smart shopping campaigns are smarter enough to test text and image combinations in order to get the highest performing combinations for your targeted audience. 
  • With standard shopping campaigns, you can use multiple landing pages per campaign, but this is not possible with smart shopping campaigns.


In the nutshell, with the above discussion, it is clear that both standard shopping and smart shopping campaigns have different features and are good for different businesses. A renowned Utah based SEO agency– TopThrive, recommends to new businesses to opt for standard shopping as you get more control over shopping campaigns.