Pay Per Click Notional Campaign Management Services

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 National Silver
/ month
National Gold
/ month
National Platinum
/ month
National Titanium
/ month
Keywords/Adgroups500 Keywords1000 Keywords3000 Keywords5000+ Keywords
Search Engines supported& Bing,Bing & Ads
No. of Project Managers01010102
Search Network
Remarketing Ad
Advanced Remarketing
Display Network
Advanced Display Targeting
Banner/Image Ads020406
Geo Targeting & Bidding
A/B Testing
Keyword Bid Optimization
Ad Scheduling
Conversion Tracking
Search Query Analysis
Analytics Setup
Linking Adwords with Analytics
Website Funnel Tracking
PPC Broken Link Checker
Call Tracking$15 /month$15 /month$15 /month
Call Tracking Set up
Shopping Ads
Landing Page Recommendation010203
Video Ads Campaign
Dynamic Search Ads
Ad Extensions
Agency Platform Reporting & Customer Dashboard
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Call Tracking Reporting
Call Support01020304

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