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In the past, when someone needed a repair for their vehicle, they would drive to the shop closest to home (or their current location). Today, people are reaching for their smartphone, instead. According to Google, since 2012, the number of people searching for repair services or auto parts on their smartphones have increased by 74%.

Additionally, 62% of people who find high ratings or the information they are looking for on a website are willing to drive over five miles from home to get the item or service needed. No longer are people focused on finding someone nearby, but finding quality services.

This means you have to ensure your auto repair and maintenance service is visible in the first pages of Google, that you are active on social media and that you provide real, useful information to visitors. These are all factors Top Thrive Consulting can help with.

Transparent Services You Can Count On

At Top Thrive Consulting, we believe transparency is vital in any partnership. We provide you with complete updates and reports regarding what is being done and how effective the efforts are. If you have questions, there is always someone around to answer the phone.

From revenue growth to brand awareness enhancement and even community engagement, we can help your auto parts and repair service surpass the competition and find solutions that deliver tangible results.

If you are ready to get started, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

National SEO

Get an Edge Over Your Competition

Wouldn’t it be great to out rank and out do your competition at every turn? If you think so, we can help. By offering unique strategies that are customized to your auto repair service, you can feel confident your marketing efforts will be effective.

We don’t provide you with the same cookie-cutter solution you may get at other marketing services. Our team gets to know your auto repair service and comes up with solutions that are customized to your particular struggles.

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