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Up to 89% of households in the U.S. purchase or show interest in lawn and garden products or services annually. This is a huge consumer base that continues to grow. In the past, purchasing plants or garden equipment required a quick trip to the local seed and feed, or a big box retailer. Today, consumers are much savvier. Rather than leaving their home, they grab their smartphone and search for what they need online.

Regardless of if they need lawn and gardening materials, or professional services, up to 68% of customers look online first. Of this 68%, 42% are highly reliant on the reviews for services and products they find online.

If you have noticed that the ROI for the marketing efforts of your lawn and garden business are unimpressive, then it is time to adjust the strategies you use. Top Thrive Consulting can help.

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Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Your lawn and garden business is unique. As such, you need a customized marketing plan to see results. You can’t just choose a few keywords, post on social media randomly and expect impressive results. When you choose to partner with Top Thrive Consulting, you will find a team of experts who will create a marketing plan that is customized to your business and your goals.

What Top Thrive Consulting Offers Your Lawn and Gardening Business

While you’re getting your hands dirty with your lawn and gardening business, we’ll be getting our hands dirty with your marketing plan. We will take the time to dig in deep to find out all the specifics about your business and what struggles you have. When we have analyzed your existing marketing efforts, we will develop a new strategy that utilizes some or all of the following:

You don’t have to handle the landscaping for your lawn and gardening business alone.

  • Optimization of your website to increase ranking
  • Social media marketing to build community engagement
  • Brand awareness strategies to get you more calls
  • Revenue increasing strategies to help your business grow and thrive

If you are ready to partner with an expert in the field, contact us today.

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