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According to the NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, up to 90% of all potential home buyers searched online at some point during the process. 100% of these home shoppers utilized the internet to look at a particular home. For up to 42% of shoppers, the first step they took when they were ready to buy a home was to conduct an online search.

Are you online? Do you have a presence that helps you get the visibility you want and need to compete in this highly competitive industry? You have to show up in the search engines and be on the first page to get your share of the traffic.

Not only do agencies need to be found online, but individual agents, as well. 89% of home shoppers utilized the internet to find their agent. You need a specific, targeted marketing strategy in place to succeed and overtake the competition. We understand just how challenging this can be.

When you contact Top Thrive Consulting, this is no longer an issue you have to bear alone. Our professional team of marketing experts will take over the planning and execution of your real estate marketing efforts and develop a plan that gets real, measurable results.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

When we create a customized marketing plan for your real estate company, we will utilize a number of methods, including SEO, SMM, PPC and more. All of these efforts will work together, along with others, to increase your marketing ROI and help you see real results.

However, we don’t just walk the walk, we talk the talk. In addition to making all these grand plans, we also execute the newly developed marketing strategy for you. Once in place, our team will provide you with regular reports showing you exactly what is going on.

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Continued Marketing Success for Your Real Estate Business

We also understand real estate marketing isn’t something you complete and forget about. To be successful in the long term, it has to be constantly maintained and tweaked to meet the evolving needs of your target audience.

Don’t worry; at Top Thrive Consulting, we have you covered. We will provide ongoing marketing services to ensure the continued success of your real estate business.

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