How mobile SEO is beneficial for your website ranking? Local SEO in Mesa

The increasing demand for mobiles has given way to businesses to thrive in this competitive world. Business owners, nowadays, have a very good chance to make their business available on mobile. To achieve this, they need to convert their websites into mobile-friendly websites.


Mobile users accumulate a major portion of traffic, leads, and conversion rates. However, it is not at all easy to get the right technique for mobile SEO. You need to hire any professional SEO consultant in Mesa or whichever suits you the best.


What exactly is mobile SEO?


Mobile SEO refers to the process by which your business website is upgraded to mobile-friendly in order to attract a huge number of mobile users.  


Why mobile SEO is mandatory in the present age?


Due to the rising popularity of mobiles and users’ inclination towards it has been the major cause for converting businesses into mobile-friendly. The compact size of the mobile carries the whole world inside it. From shopping to study, from emails to calls; we use mobile phones in abundance by cutting down the needs of original computers. 


local SEO Company in Mesa, AZ has brought some statistics from which you can predict how fruitful it may be to have a mobile-friendly website. Have a look below:


  • 58% of Google searches are done using mobiles whereas it is 42% from desktops.
  • 34% of customers are using mobile search engines to look for any product.
  • 67% of consumers buy services or products from a mobile-friendly website.
  • Approx. 70% of the time is spent on mobile devices by users.


What do you understand by Google mobile-first index?


It means Google is prioritizing mobile-optimized pages for ranking and answering the user search query. Previously, Google used the desktop version for ranking and indexing but now the scenario has been changed and the mobile version is a recent trend. The Mobile version is best assumed as a base for ranking and indexing businesses online.


However, the mobile version will not remove the desktop version. If you are not having a mobile-friendly website, then the desktop version is available for you. Experts of marketing who perform local SEO in Mesa says that mobile-friendly websites get instant results as mobile version boosts up the site ranking.


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