Local SEO services in Utah that can boost up your Google rankings

Are you looking for great website rankings? 

You should hire the best Local SEO services in Utah if you want your website to look visually appealing, drives traffic. They can help you in each manner if you are not getting leads, high traffic, and ranking on Google. If your marketing strategies are not working and you are not hiring an SEO agency, then your all efforts to save your website rankings are a waste. The Local SEO agency will ensure your website drives traffic and converts visitors into customers to yields a high return on investment. Today, we have listed some of the marketing strategies that an SEO agency uses to make sure you get high rankings on Search engines.

Link Building:

Any local SEO company uses link building, which is one of the most used approaches for getting more traffic on sites. Link building is a common yet useful approach that can bring maximum customers to your website or business. This approach helps you in promoting your website at the initial stages of marketing. It is useful for your business and can impact your business in an ideal manner. Furthermore, in link building, the local SEO Company will build the links of your websites on other sites so that when a user visits that site, he will see the link of your website, and then he will visit your site too. It is a kind of reference, which is indicating that the user should visit this website also. These links are known as external or anchor links. The thing that one must bother is that the links should be quality links because then only they will drive traffic to your website. Overall, it is a necessary approach to use for promoting your website. So, hire the best Link Building Company in Utah like Top Thrive and improve the traffic over your website. 


Facebook marketing:

Everyone is using social media and the internet. Hence, this is a great place to promote your business. There is a social media platform that gets changed into a marketing platform, and that is Facebook. Facebook is a powerful way to reach more and more customers around the world. You can run your business ads on this platform to get more leads and customers. That is why SEO agencies focus on Facebook marketing in Utah. The professionals target the audiences and goal of the ad. After that, make the ad & set bidding and publish it. The Facebook ads get displayed to the targeted audience, and then you get the leads and clients.

Pay-Per-Click services:

Google ads charges per click, which is pay per click or PPC ad services. It is a fantastic platform that can promote your business among the potential audience. That is why the SEO agency that serves Local SEO Services in Utah also offers the making and managing of Google ads. Google ads can bring maximum traffic to your website. Here you have to pay the money for the number of clicks that you will get. It is the best way of promoting your site and is the best digital marketing strategy.

So, if you are hiring any Local SEO services for Pay per Click Marketing Services in Utah, firstly ensures that you get the best PPC services from them.


So, if you are one of those who want their company to thrive, then you can contact TopThrive. We are the best local SEO service provider in Utah. We will handle all your needs and queries. For further details, contact us or visit our website.

How mobile SEO is beneficial for your website ranking? Local SEO in Mesa

The increasing demand for mobiles has given way to businesses to thrive in this competitive world. Business owners, nowadays, have a very good chance to make their business available on mobile. To achieve this, they need to convert their websites into mobile-friendly websites.


Mobile users accumulate a major portion of traffic, leads, and conversion rates. However, it is not at all easy to get the right technique for mobile SEO. You need to hire any professional SEO consultant in Mesa or whichever suits you the best.


What exactly is mobile SEO?


Mobile SEO refers to the process by which your business website is upgraded to mobile-friendly in order to attract a huge number of mobile users.  


Why mobile SEO is mandatory in the present age?


Due to the rising popularity of mobiles and users’ inclination towards it has been the major cause for converting businesses into mobile-friendly. The compact size of the mobile carries the whole world inside it. From shopping to study, from emails to calls; we use mobile phones in abundance by cutting down the needs of original computers. 


local SEO Company in Mesa, AZ has brought some statistics from which you can predict how fruitful it may be to have a mobile-friendly website. Have a look below:


  • 58% of Google searches are done using mobiles whereas it is 42% from desktops.
  • 34% of customers are using mobile search engines to look for any product.
  • 67% of consumers buy services or products from a mobile-friendly website.
  • Approx. 70% of the time is spent on mobile devices by users.


What do you understand by Google mobile-first index?


It means Google is prioritizing mobile-optimized pages for ranking and answering the user search query. Previously, Google used the desktop version for ranking and indexing but now the scenario has been changed and the mobile version is a recent trend. The Mobile version is best assumed as a base for ranking and indexing businesses online.


However, the mobile version will not remove the desktop version. If you are not having a mobile-friendly website, then the desktop version is available for you. Experts of marketing who perform local SEO in Mesa says that mobile-friendly websites get instant results as mobile version boosts up the site ranking.


To get more information about mobile SEO and its various techniques, get in touch with Top Thrive; a best and reliable SEO agency in Utah. You will get solutions to every problem. Feel free to contact us.

Characteristics of a Great Utah SEO Company

Selecting a marketing agency for Seo services in Utah so that you can achieve your organizational short- and long-term business goals to improve reach among all the audience is a simple but necessary decision for your business. It will make sure that your company reaches out there where you want to see it in the next few months. There are several SEO companies in Utah, but you cannot judge that which one will be the best option for you. You have to make the decision very wisely so that you work with the best marketing agency. It would be an excellent investment for your company’s future. So try to open up your circle of thinking because the wrong decision can mess up your earlier ranking and marketing work also. So, let’s discuss the characteristic of the best SEO agencies. It will help you in choosing the right fit Utah SEO Company for your business.

Focus more on business growth and revenue:

 Some marketing agencies focus more on user engagement or beautiful design and less on the other marketing needs. But the best SEO companies in Utah focus on the ultimate growth goals as well as user engagement or beautiful design. It is the main characteristic that every reputed SEO company has. So try to find such an agency that can handle out all the marketing goals of your business.

Energetic and enthusiastic individuals:

To get SEO services in Utah, another thing that matters is the team of professionals who are more enthusiastic about working hard. The team members who are going to work on your website marketing wll play a big role on your company’s success. 

The individuals are additional necessary aspects of an extraordinary showcasing organization since they are the main thrust behind the entirety of your campaigns, advances, and procedures. Keeping that in mind, we suggest cooperating with energetic, eager, and inventive people who love promoting and are not reluctant to face challenges and dispatch efforts to accomplish the best effect.


Great marketing companies use data, measurements, and analytics to track their success and iterate. These are the main components because they show how much work you have done, and also, it brings out the decision making–driving success quicker. Additionally, when you list the working and effectiveness of each campaign, you stay informed about your business progress toward achieving your goals. A great Utah SEO Company always uses analytics so that they can analyze and measure the results and process using this data to get better conversion rates.


It is better to hire only one marketing agency in Utah if you want a consistent growth in your rankings. Now, you can meet all your marketing needs in one place, and that is Top Thrive. We are marketing specialists who can work for your company growth by implementing the best marketing strategies for your business. You will get what you want with the best result ever. Moreover, you can contact us anytime to get a free quote.

Smart or Standard Shopping Campaigns By SEO Agency in Utah

Shopping is always fun for customers and profitable for businesses. But what makes it so profitable? How consumers are attracted towards buying various products?

The answer is by shopping ads; which are uniquely created and designed by expert SEO or PPC professionals. In this advanced world, online shopping has improved a lot and gained immense popularity. People, nowadays, prefer e-commerce websites rather than going to the market. This trend of shopping also assists retailers to drive more sales and revenue. 

An SEO agency in Utah is well-aware of this fact; therefore, is making huge steps in improving the shopping experience of the consumer and helping businesses by advertising their products. Advertising campaigns are recognized as powerful, fast, and comprehensive ways to boost lead generation.

There are 2 kinds of shopping ads- standard shopping ads and smart shopping ads. Let us discuss the above two in detail.


  1. Standard shopping ads-

These ads are great to reach a larger audience. These enable customers to compare different products from different sellers with information such as prices, product names, shop names, etc. With this, consumers gain enough knowledge regarding the product before they click on the ad. Thus, you get better-qualified leads.


  1. Smart shopping ads-

Results of smart shopping ads are the same as standard shopping ads but these simplify your campaigns and assist in lead conversion. The value of your ad is maximized using ad placements and automated bidding. 

In addition to this, smart shopping campaigns feature both product shopping ads as well as display ads, thus are eligible to appear on the Google Search Network, Gmail, and YouTube. 

Differentiating smart shopping and standard shopping campaigns

The difference between the two is pretty well explained by the experts of the SEO services agency in Utah. Have a look below:


  • If we talk about standard shopping, these are more time-consuming as compared to smart shopping which is highly automated and requires little maintenance.
  • Standard shopping campaigns may have negative keywords but this is not the case with smart shopping. Thus, you can save your budget for relevant leads.
  • Smart shopping campaigns are smarter enough to test text and image combinations in order to get the highest performing combinations for your targeted audience. 
  • With standard shopping campaigns, you can use multiple landing pages per campaign, but this is not possible with smart shopping campaigns.


In the nutshell, with the above discussion, it is clear that both standard shopping and smart shopping campaigns have different features and are good for different businesses. A renowned Utah based SEO agency– TopThrive, recommends to new businesses to opt for standard shopping as you get more control over shopping campaigns. 

What your Internet Marketing Agency in Utah will do for your business?

As a businessman, your ultimate goal is to achieve high customer attention. Every entrepreneur wants his business website to come in the top rankings of the search engine so that his customer-reach increases. This desire is not easy to fulfill as promoting your website so that it gets maximum reach is a difficult job. You have to manage many things, such as your paid ads, social media, content marketing, and many other things. So, it is better to hire an internet marketing company in Utah to handle the online marketing needs of your business. You will start earning more and get the top Google ranking with the help of these agencies. An internet marketing agency will build unique and customized plans for your business.

 But now the question is, what exactly an internet marketing agency in Utah does for your business? So, let’s discuss what a marketing agency will do for your business.

Increased Organic Traffic to Your Website:

What would be the benefit of your website if there is no traffic on it? So, the main work of a Marketing agency in Utah is to grow organic traffic on your business website. Their overall goal is to generate most of the traffic for our business. They will implement the best marketing strategies for improving your organic traffic, such as best website design, webpage speed, keyword researching, and many other needed marketing techniques. Your business will start attracting more quality leads or clients. Your marketing agency will try to bring out the best growth results for your business.

Expands Your Brand Reach:

We know that nowadays, everyone is on the internet and using many search engines and other platforms. So, the company that you have hired for getting internet marketing services in Utah promotes your business on each platform for reaching more and more customers. The digital marketing experts will build up the best strategy for your business and work on it to bring more results. To improve your customer-reach, your marketing agency will work on social media platforms, PPC ads, and other advertising methodologies. The experts will manage your Google rankings so that you become more active on the internet. Your business will become more online visible to your potential customers.

Improves Your Marketing from the roots:

A digital marketing agency will find out all the weaknesses in your business digital marketing strategies. Your marketing agency in Utah will get into your marketing roots to find out where it is lacking. The team of experts will bring out the best solutions for your marketing problems. A marketing team has a person for managing your web designs, SEO, email marketing, and social media handling, so you need not take tension about anything.  But, without any SEO agency, it would be difficult for you to manage everything, because you may not be perfect in all the marketing techniques. Therefore, you should hire a full-service marketing agency for your business that can handle everything, such as:

 SEO, PPC, SMO, content marketing, Facebook ads, PR services, email marketing, video production, marketing automation, event coordination, and website development.

You can also trust TopThrive marketing experts. We will fulfill all your business marketing needs. We have a team of dedicated experts who will bring the best results for your business. So, contact us now and request a free quote.

Duplicate Contents and its Effect on SEO in Utah

What does a SEO company in Utah tells about duplicate contents?

Unique and engaging content is the key factor behind any successful online business. When you create any website, it is necessary to add content so that the audience can get an idea of what your business is going to offer them.

What if you keep on creating duplicate contents?

Will Google accept it?

Will you still be able to reach the top position?

In such a manner, there are so many queries related to duplicate content. In this article, we will study about duplicate content and how it is bad for SEO.

Duplicate contents are contents that appear the same on some web pages either on your own website or on other websites. There are two types of duplicate contents:

  1. Internal duplicate content: As explained by Utah based SEO Company, internal duplicate content is found on a single domain through multiple internal URLs.
  2. External duplicate content: Sometimes it is also referred to as cross-domain duplicates. External duplicate content is when two different domains have the same content indexed by the search engines.

Why it is bad for SEO?

Duplicate content is definitely not fruitful for any business. It puts a drastic impact on SEO services as well.

  • Duplicate content creates confusion for Google and finds it hard to determine which version to index. There could also be the possibility of not choosing the original content to bring on top position.
  • This may also create a problem in consolidating link metrics.

What are the various duplicate content issues?

  • On-page elements- These issues are related to meta-title, meta-description, and headings. Try to keep the content of these elements unique and attractive to attract visitors.
  • Product descriptions- If you are an e-commerce website and writing product descriptions, then you need to be careful while explaining the products. It should not be copied from any other e-commerce website.
  • Scraped content- It is referred to as copying the content from another website with a motive of increasing traffic to your own website. Individuals might use any online tool to re-write the scraped content. However, it can be identified sometimes as scrapers forget to change the brand name if included in the content.

How to look for duplicate content?

A renowned firm, Top Thrive that provides SEO services in Utah, says that it is possible to find the duplicate content with the help of the latest tools.

  • The first method is by simply writing the content on Google search in quotation marks. With this approach, you can easily find whether the content is duplicate or not because Google will show the same phrase or string of characters if copied.
  • The second way is by using free tools like Copyscape which can identify duplicate content as well.

With all the given instructions and knowledge, you can easily manage the duplicate content. As a result, you will tremendous growth in your rankings.

Reasons to choose one local SEO company in Utah for both PPC & SEO

Reasons to choose one local SEO company in Utah for both PPC & SEO

For a long time, people used to hand over their PPC and SEO work to two different digital marketing agencies. They were splitting up the marketing-work to two entities. This is because they want that each agency gives its full focus on one particular task. Similarly, business owners were hiring two different local SEO services in Utah so that they can get the right results what they want. But nowadays, PPC and SEO work is handled by the same company or an online marketing agency. The bar between these services is getting fade, and people are giving both tasks to the same marketing agencies. It is so because both the services are becoming equally important to each other. 

Today we will see why we should hire one SEO services company in Utah to handle our PPC and SEO work collectively. So, let’s start our today’s discussion without wasting any time.

Get more business exposure:

By hiring only one digital marketing agency for local SEO in Utah, your business will get the maximum exposure. It is easy to relate to the SEO facts and PPC facts if only one company is handling both. All of us know that the business website grows simultaneously with SEO and PPC, and if both are targeted equally by the same marketing agency, then your business will get the desired exposure.

Increased Keyword data for Both PPC and SEO:

Both the SEO and PPC target are easy to achieve with increased keyword data. Yes! By hiring only local SEO services in Utah, your keyword data will also increase for both SEO and PPC. We all know that keyword data is the necessity while doing either SEO or PPC. Both need the highly ranked keywords, so it becomes easier to target organic traffic and paid traffic with the same and increased keyword data. You will get to know the keywords that are most likely being searched by the users, and then you can easily target those keywords for both SEO and PPC. Here, both SEO and PPC get interconnected with each other when we hire a single marketing agency.

Meta Descriptions and Ad copy:

With the expanded information about keywords and other marketing data, your company will manage all your ads and organic traffic. Now, your local SEO Company in Utah would have the option to advance PPC ad copy and SEO Meta descriptions with the best keyword text and search terms clients use in looking for your services.

Final Thoughts:

So, these are the main reasons that prove the need to hire a single digital marketing agency that can do local SEO in Utah for your business. You can give both SEO and PPC work to your single marketing company and they will bring fantastic results for your business. Additionally, you can contact Top Thrive experts who can effectively look after your PPC and SEO growth for your business. By choosing Top Thrive, you will achieve what you desire. So contact our experts now and request a free quote.

Optimization Tips for WordPress by Experts of SEO in Utah

Optimization Tips for WordPress by Experts of SEO in Utah

WordPress is very popular for people who wants set up a blog or a website. Individuals usually choose WordPress because of its ease-of-use. In addition to that, it is the first choice to build any website/blog as it provides more flexibility. 

SEO in Utah

However, some are not that knowledgeable on making the right use of WordPress. The biggest mistake that many new bloggers and marketers commit is that they assume that it is a piece of cake to optimize the WordPress site. 

To provide the correct knowledge about WordPress, an SEO company in Utah  comes forward and shares some tips to optimize the WordPress website/blog. Let us take a look at all these tips provided by the experts:


With a sitemap, your website will get crawled by Google more intelligently. It is further beneficial to index your content. All the URLs of your website including the last modification are listed in the sitemap.

There are many tools you can use in generating the sitemap of any website. By hiring an agency of SEO in Utah, you can get answers to all your queries related to the sitemap and can get optimize your website/blog.

2. Adding internal links:

Adding internal links to blogs or web pages can help in attracting more visitors to your website for a long time. It will automatically improve the ranking of your website or blog.

3.Relevant external links:

External links also play a crucial role in optimizing your WordPress website/blog. What does Google help? It will categorize your content and will compare it accordingly to other linking sites. Therefore, if your links were found irrelevant, Google will not compare it with others.

Make sure to add relevant external links to get crawled over Google easily.

4.Avoid keyword stuffing:

It is the major mistake that many bloggers and marketers comit. Adding unnecessary keywords to the content doesn’t make it accessible to Google. Google is smart enough and will never crawl the content with a lot of keywords.

Utah based SEO Company is an expert at recognizing keyword-stuffed content and always suggests bloggers, as well as marketers, to avoid mistakes in optimizing the WordPress website/blog.

5.Relevant headers:

One of the best strategies to optimize the content is to break the content into relevant header tags. It appears easy for readers to read the content. Moreover, if your headers would be appropriate, and include keywords, then possibilities are higher to get crawled by search engines.

6.Google Authorship:

To make people aware of your website/blog, better sign up for Google Authorship. It will give an identity to your WordPress blog/website by adding a name and picture of yours. It is a useful tip because Google will quickly index the content with Google Authorship.

Without any doubt, WordPress is the most prominent platform for launching a website/blog. With all of the above-listed tips, one can easily optimize the WordPress website/blog. However, you need to make sure that you hire a professional SEO company in Utah to optimize your WordPress website effectively. 

Boost your plumbing business with effective plumbing marketing strategies

Internet marketing is essential for every business. It helps in taking the business to the next level. Not only IT companies but industry-specific companies can also take assistance from marketing strategists to improve their online presence.

marketing strategies for plumbers

If you are running a plumbing business, you can also think of hiring any marketing agency that can put all the efforts in providing excellent marketing strategies for plumbers. Before that, you need to understand how important it is to market your business online.

We are living in a digital era where we rely on the internet for every minor information related to diverse fields. Traditional methods of marketing like newspaper ads, billboard ads, etc. are not in vogue these days. People do not pay much attention to these things. So to make an impression on customers, it is crucial to adopt the new technology i.e. internet marketing for plumbers.

When the world is moving at a fast pace, then why don’t your business! With effective marketing strategies, professionals can give your business a wide exposure to get world-class recognition. Many SEO companies provide help to IT firms in making their business a brand, but only a few provide marketing services to the plumbing business.

Top thrive is one such agency where plumbers can get the top-notch services with which they can let people be aware of their business. Individuals need plumbing services most of the time and to hire plumbers, they find plumbers over the internet rather than in-shops. Thus, if you will be visible over the internet, then you can become a brand in no time.


How can you achieve this?


To come on the topmost position in the Google search console, first of all, get the help of highly skilled marketing professionals who can deliver guaranteed results with the latest plumbing marketing strategies. The right set of techniques like SEO, SMM, SMO, PPC, web designing, graphic designing, etc. are applied to your business website by experts. Moreover, they also keep a regular check on all the tasks to examine the growth of your business.

Within a few days, you can see a drastic improvement in your business, and visitors on your website can increase manifold. When you will start noticing these changes in your venture, that means your business is now visibly active over the internet and is ready to rule the world.

The plumbers and plumbing business is highly appreciated by Top Thrive. We look into the needs of our clients and offer tailored solutions for their business. With experts in marketing, we also give suggestions to business owners for weaker points and direct our clients towards excellence. 

If you are serious about growing your business world-widely, then don’t waste time anymore. Hire Top thrive and make your dream come true. 

Questions to be asked while choosing any Utah SEO Agency

Questions to be asked while choosing any Utah SEO Agency

Choosing an SEO services agency in Utah that can help you in improving your visibility among your customer is a huge task. Working with a well-managed marketing company can give benefits to your business in all aspects. All of us know that the business grows when we have enough customers to run that business and that can happen with successful business marketing strategies. These strategies have a significant impact on our business. So we need some professionals that can fulfill all SEO needs in one place, such as social media management, video making for your company, rebuilding your website, and other SEO matters. 

Hiring a professional team is fine but before hiring, always put a few questions to them for your clarification. It will help you in understanding the working criteria of that company. 

Today we will discuss what these questions are and how these can help you in hiring an SEO Agency in Utah. So let’s start with our discussion.

Ask for their success stories:

It is good to ask about their success stories. By success stories, we mean that you should ask about their satisfied customers and how they have done SEO for their business. It is a good chance and you can come to know about their working criteria and successful campaigns. Asking about their success stories will help you look more closely at their working strategies. It will make sure that a particular Utah SEO agency can implement the ideas you have in mind. You can also ask for the results of SEO implemented by them for companies similar to your business. Additionally, you will come to know about their earlier working project’s rankings by asking their success stories.

Detailed Roadmap:

When it comes to your business growth, never hesitate to ask any question to your SEO agency in Utah. Always demand a detailed roadmap of the work before you start working with them. It will contain the information about what they will do, how and when this will start generating results. That means full-fledge detailing and plan about the SEO strategies. You can ask for a 90-day work plan to see how effectively they are working. Also, Make sure you track all the results that are coming to your business via their SEO strategies. Clear out all the queries running in your mind. Get involved in this whole process and stay confident about your business rankings.

Budgets and compensation:

The next question to be asked before hiring an SEO agency is how much the whole SEO process will cost. The cost of the marketing agency matters a lot because we have to pay them according to their work results. So always be open about your budget and request for a quote for your total cost.

Final words:

In the end, these are the three major questions that you should ask your marketing agency before hiring them. Also, you can rely on Top Thrive for the best SEO services. Top Thrive can be an ideal SEO agency in Utah that works for you transparently. We will offer you the customized SEO strategies on an affordable price. You will get all the answers to your questions if you choose Top Thrive as your ultimate SEO partner.